Pilates for Athletes

Professional athletes are always looking for that extra special boost in their personal workout regimens in order to improve their

January Wellness Plans for 2023

As the post-COVID world continues to re-emerge in 2023, January wellness plans can be an essential part of helping individuals

Winter Solstice- December 21, 2022

The winter solstice is a spiritual time of remembrance and renewal. It is a day where the winter season reaches

Intuitive Healing and Tarot!

At Endurance, we have added several new modalities to help you exercise your mind and soul in addition to your

Holiday Fitness and Nutrition Helpers!

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and food. It can also be a time when your fitness routine

December at Endurance!

Welcome to the last month of 2022! Ready to commit to a new workout program? START NOW! Get in and

Pilates Teacher Training!

We are so excited to be back in the business of teaching teachers. One of our favorite things to share

Endurance Pilates-why we do Pilates the “correct” way!

A student that is progressing very quickly with a mix of classes and privates has started to attend an “Advanced”

Posture in the Zoom world and beyond!

Why is good posture so important to your well-being, stature and image? Settling into a post-pandemic return to life? Travel,

Winter Workout Tips

What a gorgeous fall season we have enjoyed in the Northeast this year! Mild days, plenty of sun and impeccable

Harvest Moon

A full moon tonight. A new season in a few days. We are entering into an exciting fall 2021 after

Online Pilates Anywhere with Endurance

Can we start with a silver lining? Over the past few months, at Endurance, we quickly pivoted from a very

Pilates Builds Better Bodies!

Why Endurance Pilates is different from every other exercise regimen you have ever done!! When I started teaching Pilates 20

Effective Stretching

Why Pilates is the Safest and Most Effective Method of Stretching the Body Pilates is hands down the most effective,

Everybody’s Working for the Wedding

Wedding season is upon us! We know that you’re hard at work planning the wedding of your dreams, so why

The Final Stretch

Whether you’re a novice runner or a multi-marathon veteran, you’ve heard the importance of a post-run stretch, but do you know what to lengthen and

Meditation Benefits at Endurance

Wanted to try meditation but feel like it’s not readily available for your personality or your lifestyle?  Ever “shamed” by

Exercise is Better Together

Oh, February! The month of love. While some couples opt for the chocolates and sweets to celebrate, we believe the

Navigating Exercise Postpartum

Navigating fitness postpartum can be difficult. You may feel as though you lost strength during your pregnancy, your shoulders may

5 Tips For Your First Turkey Trot

Getting ready to run your first 5k or 1st Turkey Day run? 5 Tips to make your Thanksgiving Day trot

Pilates- Made for Men and Women Alike

Contrary to popular belief, not only was Pilates created by a man but it was also first used by men!

Why is Pilates Beneficial for Marathon Runners?

All runners focus on strengthening their legs and their aerobic threshold but, too often, runners make the mistake of neglecting

Faces of Women Led Businesses: Julie Erickson

Julie and Endurance Pilates and Yoga were recently featured in Boston Magazine’s Inaugural “Faces of Women Led Businesses” section in

Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Q&A with Instructor Danielle

Danielle Lamy, a Senior Pilates Instructor, is a mom, outdoor enthusiast and Pilates lover. She instantly fell in love with

A Bridal-Ready Journey with Christie Wang, PMA-CPT/ Part II: Maintaining a Balanced Pre-Wedding Diet

Hello everyone! I’m Christie Wang, Principal Pilates instructor (PMA-CPT) at Endurance Pilates and Yoga. I teach classical NY style Pilates

Five Reasons Why Pilates is the Best Age Defying Workout

As a workout, Pilates has a multitude of benefits but, have you ever thought about how Pilates may have age-defying

How is Endurance Pilates different?

We often get the question, “How is Endurance Pilates different from all other workouts and even different styles of Pilates?”

A Bridal-Ready Journey with Christie Wang, PMA-CPT / Part 1: Setting Intentions & a Personalized Workout Routine

Hello everyone! I’m Christie Wang, Principal Pilates instructor (PMA-CPT) at Endurance Pilates and Yoga. I teach classical NY style Pilates

Bring on the Holidays!

5 Hints from Julie Erickson, Owner and Master Trainer for Endurance Pilates and Yoga for Keeping Your Fitness Goals throughout


From a speech I was so proud to give at a fundraiser for the YMCA.  As we go into a

Stress Less at Endurance

Stress Less at Endurance!  Because for One Hour, all you will be able to think about is you! Joseph Pilates

In just a year, Jaz has accomplished so much! Glad to be a part of the journey…and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

One year ago on September 13, my friend and student Jaz was in an accident.  Unfortunately due to the injuries

Work out like a Pro while you are on your beach vacation!

Want to work out like a professional athlete does while on vacation?  I was asked by one of my students,

Apple Watch versus FitBit Week ONE!

I’ve been a FitBit devotee for years now- starting with the little tiny clip on to the Surge that just

Not backing down from Cancer or Pilates- one strong woman!

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of teaching my advanced mat Pilates class to a very experienced group of

5 Confessions of a Pilates Teacher and Personal Trainer

We are not in good shape purely just because of our jobs as trainers!  Being a trainer is a very

One on Ones are the BEST!

Try a Private Session! Working out one on one is absolutely the best way to learn how to move your

Virtual Workout- YEAH!

VIRTUAL CLASSES!  Online and all the time? How many times have you set the alarm to get up and out

Pilates Mat or Reformer?

I am sometimes asked, should I start with Pilates Mat or Pilates Reformer.  The answer to that question is- both

Boston Marathon Bound!

On Monday April 18, I will be running my 22nd marathon, my 3rd Boston!  I am absolutely thrilled to have

If You are a Good Athlete, Pilates will make you BETTER!

When it comes to cross-training, Pilates is the secret weapon to winning.  From professional athletes to weekend warriors, an effective

Why We #RunBold and You Should Too

Choosing to run the Boston Marathon is an amazing commitment to, not only months of training in the dead of

50 Legs Charity – Why it is SO IMPORTANT!

On April 16, 2013, I woke up to the news that my friend Carmen’s sister Celeste had needed both of

Pilates vs Yoga – what is the difference?

What is the difference between Yoga and Pilates? Well, they share a mat in some group classes and a few

Welcome to March Mat Madness at Endurance

Here at Endurance, we bring you the BEST yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer, HIIT and Barre Boston classes around, but


Why Exercise? I mean, aside from the fact that it makes you hotter, stronger, faster, taller, happier, healthier?  Gives you

Julie’s Tip: How to Fuel Your Body Pre and Post Workout

It is so important that you are fueling your body correctly both before and after a workout! When you are

Get more POWER out of your SWING with PILATES! Tennis, baseball, softball or golf- let’s work on all of our rotation sports!

For any sport that requires a powerful swing- tennis, golf, baseball, softball- Pilates is incredibly helpful.  The basic principle of

Single Straight Leg Stretch

One of the series of five- ab series! Best performed outdoors! Core strength, opposition!

Pilates on the Beach!

Want those abs to show off next time you have your toes in the sand?  How about some Pilates at

Give your Valentine the gift of Fitness with this Couple’s Workout!

Couples Workout!   Check out this couples workout from Endurance Pilates and Yoga with your Valentine!

Endurance Pilates and Yoga Fit Sugar Detox

Happy Holidays! Wishing you the best of celebration days with friends and family! When you are ready for a little

Exercise of the Day – Bicycle Step Over into Bridge

Check it out! Transition from bicycle to bridge! Core strength control and stretch! At Endurance Pilates!

Exercise of the Day

Exercise of the Day – Endurance Pilates Sidebends

Exercise of the Day – Swan

Exercise of the Day – Rollup

Top part of the rollup- if you have a good teacher- you are sooooo challenged here.  Get a new one if

Exercise of the Day – Open Leg Rocker

Get your abs on folks- trick is to keep the proximity between the chest and the legs exactly the same!

Exercise of the Day – Leg Pull

How about the other Leg Pull!

Exercise of the Day – Who is ready for a Leg Pull?!

Who is ready for a leg pull challenge today!

Exercise of the Day – Revolved Side Angle

Exercise of the Day – Criss Cross

Exercise of the Day – Ballet Stretches

Turkey Day Run Tips with Julie Erickson from Endurance Pilates and Yoga

 Exercises and stretches to prepare you for your first run or your 51st run! Improve posture, strengthen the legs

Exercise of the Day – Single Leg Stretch

Exercise of the Day- Single Straight Leg Stretch

Core Strength, Opposition!

Bridge- glutes in check, hip flexors extended, triceps and upper back engaged!