Five Reasons Why Pilates is the Best Age Defying Workout

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As a workout, Pilates has a multitude of benefits but, have you ever thought about how Pilates may have age-defying benefits too? Master Pilates Instructor Julie Erickson gives us her top five reasons why Pilates is the best age defying workout on the market. With our 20 different fitness certifications (ranging from run coaching to personal training to Pilates), expert Julie Erickson believes that Pilates is the most effective age defying workout.

  1. We teach people how to move properly and efficiently- there is no extra energy expended by the body during the workout because it is so precise and controlled.  Students will take these lessons with them outside of the studio into their daily living, so they are showering with good form, driving with good form, walking with good form. Folks have less aches and pains, thus will move more often!
  2. A regular Pilates practice will teach a student to move in a very controlled, perfected manner without the student constantly having to think about it- we teach people to move well with unconscious competence. This is extremely important for folks who use their bodies to make a living- models, athletes, professional actors and dancers all use Pilates in their regimens. Pilates helps to prevent injuries and keeps all level of movers moving better and without constantly having to think about it!
  3. Pilates teaches students where to feel particular movements- where to lengthen, where to control.  Pilates builds a suit of armor from within to protect the skeletal system and internal organs. Students will experience less falls, clumsiness, and uncontrolled movements of the body in all aspects of their life. They will become adept at engaging a particular group of muscles- the lats are a good example, to ensure the shoulder stays safe when a person is reaching high up on a shelf to grab a can or during a game of tennis!  The body will stay more upright, in proper alignment and a student will avoid overusing back muscles that should not be part of a shoulder reaching pattern!
  4. At the cellular level, a person who is moving in a way that respects the body, will develop healthier cells throughout the entire system, thus creating an exterior and interior that is flexible and strong,
  5. Pilates puts strength and structure behind the increases in flexibility it provides.  This makes the movements in Pilates look very similar to yoga poses, however, a well-trained Pilates instructor will be able to poke and prod a student into ensuring that there is adequate strength to hold a stretch and a student leaves the studio able to maintain the changes we have made because of the education that we are providing for their body and mind.