Virtual Workout- YEAH!


VIRTUAL CLASSES!  Online and all the time?

How many times have you set the alarm to get up and out and there is a cold driving rain?  In the 40s, yet again in Boston this spring.  You can’t handle wearing your fleece lined running gear again!  Or, it’s your morning to stay with the kiddos while the husband gets to go to the gym?  Maybe, you just want to make sure you get in a decent workout while you are on vacation!  And there is NOTHING like Endurance when you travel.  Join us online for our Virtual Endurance classes!

Our classes are exactly like the classes that you would take in Boston at our studio, except for the fact that you can be in your pajamas in your living room!  We hold our classes on Skype and the instructor and other participants can see you working out.  Or not, if you prefer!  But, you always can see the instructor!   He or she will be looking at your form, providing the adjustments to make your workout more effective.  So, while you are suffering through your Tabata sequence in Julie’s 5:15AM Wednesday PAIN class, you know you are not alone!  Many of our students use our virtual workouts to get in an extra 45 minutes of Endurance intensity to supplement their regular gym and Endurance workouts. 

For your best virtual experience, follow the below suggestions!

Research the studio and the class that you are looking to take.  For example, Julie’s 5:15AM PAIN class requires a kettlebell, jump rope and several balls for participants to partake in the workout.  Most of the participants have taken private sessions with Julie at her studio and know how to adjust for proper form.  This class is a very challenging workout for experienced students with no injuries.  In contrast, Lauren’s Barre Boston class requires only a mat and a chair and can be taken by a student brand new to barre workouts!

Be sure to sign up in advance for the class so that the teacher can make sure that your Skype account is connected to his or her own in order that class can start on time!

For best results, use Skype on a laptop.  Although Skype has recently added the option to use an ipad or iphone, there still seems to be some issues connecting and these issues translate to less quality for the overall call.

If at all possible, attend an in-person class or private session at the virtual studio’s actual space.  While many corrections and directions can be given online, sometimes it takes a very keen eye to ensure that an exercise is being done correctly.  In something like Pilates Mat or yoga, small adjustments make all the difference in the world.  We had an experienced Pilates student who is also marathon runner and avid exerciser remark this week, “You know, when you do something even half right, it makes all the difference in the world.  I feel it so differently- it’s so much harder!” all because of one little adjustment.

Be very aware of your body and limitations.  Know when to push and when to back off.  Take water breaks and form breaks when necessary and listen to the teacher’s instructions, modifications and corrections.

Check out our Endurance schedule and look for the VIRTUAL classes!