How is Endurance Pilates different?

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We often get the question, “How is Endurance Pilates different from all other workouts and even different styles of Pilates?” For many years, Pilates has been known as a favorite workout for models, actresses and athletes. With our recent expansion to New York through Endurance Pilates NY, we’ve seen an increase in studnets who are professional models and actresses. We’re here to explain why they, among many others, choose this workout.

In an Endurance Pilates mat session, every single muscle in the body and all of the connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, tendons) are used throughout every exercise in the workout! A good Pilates mat session is full-body strengthening and stretching- creating those long, lean Pilates bodies (#PilatesBody anyone?). Because all of the muscles and connective tissues are constantly working with just the right amount of support and force required, there isn’t any down-time! One of the newer concepts being studied in exercise science is training of the “Neuromyofascial Web”- going beyond the muscle and bone isolated movements and adding the connective tissue, fascia, and mind-body connections into our understanding of proper and ideal movement.

The best news out of this research- this is where real changes in the shapes of our bodies occur- adipose tissue (fat) is a type of irregular fascia, regular fascia is the tissue that covers the organs and muscles. All fascial properties change with the right type of movement. This is exactly the type of movement that a well-trained Pilates instructor can provide.

By teaching the concepts of opposition via different muscles pulling and pushing at particular times in the workout, the body constantly prepares itself to move more efficiently in the opposite direction, training the fascia to become smoother- more like a silk suit than a knotted ball of wool. By focusing on this corrective and oppositional movement patterning within their sessions, students can expect to see significant changes in the shape and makeup of their bodies within a few months.  Your students could go from having a lumpy spare tire or muffin top to sporting oblique dents and a defined waist via a proper Pilates mat workout 3X a week and balanced nutrition in six months- a whole new body!

So unlike some other workouts, Pilates can literally changes the shape of your body- lengthening, toning and firming.