Faces of Women Led Businesses: Julie Erickson

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Julie and Endurance Pilates and Yoga were recently featured in Boston Magazine’s Inaugural “Faces of Women Led Businesses” section in their October 2017 edition! Although our section was only a few questions, we wanted to give you a deeper peek into the life of Julie Erickson – busy mom, master Pilates instructor, working professional and business owner, marathon runner and more!

Q. What is something you’re passionate about outside of your work?

A: Running

Q. Describe yourself in one word.

A: Driven

Q. What is your morning routine like?

A: On Mondays and Fridays, I am up at 1:30 AM to leave my house by 2 AM. I shower, make coffee and drive the 4 hours to New York City. On Tuesdays through Thursdays, I am up at 5 AM to get my son to school. We leave the house every day by 6:15 AM. I get to sleep in on Saturday (5:30 AM or 6:30 AM) depending on what time I start at the studio. On Sundays I am usually up by 6:30 AM either going for a run or taking my son to a baseball game.  I just read that there is a gene that allows people to function on less hours of sleep than others – I truly think I have this!

Q. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

A: Don’t ever make yourself small or stay content for the comfort of somebody else.

Q. What item in your closet do you wear the most?

A: One of my hundreds of pairs of Lululemon black pants

Q. What is your greatest indulgence

A: Eyelash extensions – best money I’ve ever spent.

Q. What is on your perennial to-do list?

A: Blog posts

Q. What is your spirit animal?

A: Cat

Q. What are you currently reading?

Before I opened a studio, I used to run 70 miles a week and read at least one book a week – I only get to read on vacation or on the treadmill right now!  Working Mother magazine last night on treadmill!