Why Exercise?

I mean, aside from the fact that it makes you hotter, stronger, faster, taller, happier, healthier?  Gives you better balance, a better butt, flatter tummy, a healthier appetite?

Or the increase in white blood cells which help you to fight off illness?  Exercise will help you sleep better, gives you more energy and makes you happier!  It’s like a magic pill and the fountain of youth all rolled in one!

Convinced yet?  What is stopping you?  Did you know that even a few minutes of movement every day can help you see benefits.  Start small, feel the benefits…20 minutes of walking, a few sun salutations, 10 push-ups.  As you feel stronger, you will be able to do more in the same amount of time.

Ready to add some movement into your life?  Here are some hints to get you going!  Anything you can do is fantastic- starting with a manageable goal of implementing and exercise program is the first step.

1 .Break your workouts into pieces.  Don’t have time for a 3-4 mile run?  How about 1 mile on the treadmill when you get up…..another mile at lunch…..another after you get home for the day.  You’ve fit in 3 miles of movement into your day!  No treadmill- how about climbing the stairs for 10-15 minutes, walking up, jogging down and then reverse it!

2. There are some fantastic body weight only exercises you can do with just you!  How about a circuit- all you need is a timer!  1 minute of jumping jacks, 1 minute of pushups (your choice on style), 1 minute holding a Pilates teaser.  


Repeat the circuit 3x.  Warmup with a minute of jumprope and cool down with a lunge stretch and 3-4 bridges to open the hip flexors


1. Enlist a friend, sister, partner or kiddo to help you out and make it fun!  There are many exercises you can do with each other that burn calories without you even realizing that you are exercising- grab a medicine ball and toss it back and forth while you discuss your sister’s date last night or try and make your spouse work hard to catch!



Put your feet together and roll away from each other, trying to keep your feet together the entire time.  See who can be the first to complete 10!