Bring on the Holidays!

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5 Hints from Julie Erickson, Owner and Master Trainer for Endurance Pilates and Yoga for Keeping Your Fitness Goals throughout the holiday season.

I’ve got the check suitcases down from the attic for our trip to Antigua to celebrate Thanksgiving and our 20th wedding anniversary- woo hoo hoo!  And, the very first things that I packed are workout clothes.  I love the workouts that I do and not only do I workout while I’m away, I’m excited to have some extra free time to get some longer runs in and to check out the yoga pavilion at the resort.  Find your form of exercise and LOVE it so very much that you want to do it every single day, even when you are on vacation!

We are heading into the fun and celebration of another holiday season!  Be kind to yourself, breathe and be sure to make time for self-care along with your soirees!


1.  Show yourself a little bit of compassion and celebrate yourself this holiday season!

One missed workout, an extra glass of wine can quickly spiral into an entire week without lacing up our sneakers or unrolling our mats if we take an all or nothing approach.  “I didn’t get to it today, so why even bother tomorrow?” becomes an easy mantra, but try not to beat yourself up for missing one or two workouts or even a week if life, work events or day to day responsibilities take precedence during the busy holiday season.   Be grateful that you were able to fit in the workouts that you do and be sure to choose activities that you enjoy to make you happy and energized!  Celebrate the fact that you can move your body, enjoy the endorphins and appreciate the fact that you find ways to fit fitness into your life!  If you miss a workout, just look forward to your next scheduled class and plan to get as much out of it as you can- give it your all!


2.  Add water to every drink or treat!

Had a glass of red wine- chase it with a glass of water!  Cookie- finish it with seltzer water.  Coffee- grab a can of LaCroix too!  Staying hydrated is key during a season where we are indoors, in heated spaces working, working out and living our lives.  Ensuring that our bodies are taking in adequate fluids not only helps to keep our workouts safe and productive, it helps to ensure that all of our systems are working properly.  Up to 60% of the adult human body is water and it is imperative to every single system that keeps us going!  Even a small amount of dehydration leads to a serious decrease in athletic performance, so be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day and during your workouts.  You will feel better, run better, sleep better, stretch better with an adequate fluid consumption.  Even before activity, an adult male requires 3 liters of water per day, an adult female 2.2 liters- some of which can be consumed in food, but be sure to account for activity levels too!


3.  Meet up with a friend for class before a party or instead of drinks

Nix the coffee meetup and schedule that spin class or run.  Encourage friends and colleagues to get a little more movement in by scheduling an achievable workout while talking shop.  Even better, find a studio that will schedule a group workout for you and your team of friends or associates- spend some time networking, working out and then heading out to your venue of choice or keeping the party in and among your closest friends.  Make fitness your priority and share that with those that are closest to you.


4.  Break your workouts up into smaller pieces and keep track of the little things

Don’t have an hour?  Spend 20 minutes on the treadmill or on a brisk walk outdoors in the morning.  Wear your workout gear to bed and even if you just stumble out of bed and start to move, you will feel better by the time you hit the shower to get your day going.  Add in another 20-30 minutes at the end of the day to add in some core exercises, a little stretch, maybe a tabata sequence to rev things up.  Grab a jump rope and spend 2 minutes jump roping- every little piece of exercise and movement counts!

Get a FitBit or a pedometer- I had no idea how much I was moving until I started tracking my steps while I was teaching many classes in my new location last winter.  I would walk 3 miles in a 600 square foot space while teaching classes on a Saturday morning!  Think your trip to the mall doesn’t count- think again- depending on how much shopping you are doing- you could fit in all of the desired 10,000 daily steps that you are looking to achieve in a little over an hour by moving in and out of your destination stores!


5.  Enjoy the holiday season and plan your workouts around

From Halloween until New Years, we are bombarded with events, obligations and FUN!  Be sure that you partake in those social situations that are enjoyable!  And of course you want to stick with your run/workout schedule, but be prepared to move workouts, shorten others and share with your friends and family as appropriate.  Keep you workouts plentiful and your eating clean- no chemicals, gums, preservatives and you are on the right track for a fantastic 2017!