Why We #RunBold and You Should Too

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Choosing to run the Boston Marathon is an amazing commitment to, not only months of training in the dead of the winter, it is a lifestyle decision- an extremely positive resolution that comes with a passion for moving and fitness and a resolution to give back to the community through fundraising and personal example.  It is a choice to put health first, to prioritize activities and to manage time to include hundreds of hours of running and training while seeking donations for a particular cause.  Running is a very physically demanding activity and the mileage necessary to comfortably approach the marathon distance is significant.  Most serious runners plan on running every single day- I know that is usually my plan, so when life gets in the way and I do have to take a day off, I am not taking a step back in my training. Some days are recovery runs and some are speed, others are long runs.  Even if it is just a mile to shake my legs out, putting my running shoes on and heading out the door is a meditation, therapy session, coaching exercise for me.  By choosing to run, I put my health first.  Of course, my son is my priority- as soon as his needs are met, he is on the bus or at his activity, then I get to run.  In fact, every single member of a runner’s family becomes involved with the runner’s dedication- especially when that alarm goes off at 6AM on a Sunday morning or another email is sent to friends and family asking for fundraising support!  We learn to prioritize, plan ahead and hopefully inspire even within our families.  I will never forget an essay that my son wrote a few years ago naming me as his hero for finishing a particularly grueling marathon in a winter storm.  A runner truly inspires by example in his or her training, healthy and nourishing fuel choices and lifestyle.  I won’t have time to meet you for coffee, too much sitting time, but I would love to join you for a 5 mile run!

At Endurance, we applaud and support all of our marathon runners- present, past and future.  It’s usually not a surprise when a new student walks in and explains his or her fitness background with the words, “I’m a runner/triathlete/doing my 10th Boston,” and right away we welcome them with an understanding of an athlete’s particular needs for cross-training, understanding of athletic schedules, active rest days and exactly everything we can help with. 

A few years ago, I had run a few marathons and made the declaration that, in general, for my health and fitness, I wanted to stay in good enough running shape to be able to run a half-marathon on a few days notice.  As of today, I have run 21 marathons- and I have also learned that at the age of 43, I am lucky enough to lead a healthy lifestyle that allows me to jump in and run a full marathon on a couple weeks notice. I am in better physical condition than I was in my twenties and I am very proud of the example that I am for my son, friends and students.   There is no greater feeling in the entire world than crossing that marathon finish line- every single time I do it, I decide to look for another.  I am proud beyond words and passionate enough about yet another that I immediately start to think about “the next time”- that next marathon.  To put it on the schedule, start and plan the training.  Running is an absolute gift- I am privileged to have such a passion for the sport.  It has shaped my fitness, personality, drive and dedication- there is nothing in the world that I cannot accomplish if I put in my best effort.  Run bold- make the decision to try it, to try it again, to become better at it.  You may be surprised at just how much you can accomplish- in greater ways than you ever dreamed you could.  Keep pushing the limits!  Running has made me a better mom, wife, business person, friend and citizen.  Make the decision to Run Bold- to make health and fitness a true priority in your life- you have no idea where it could take you!