Winter Workout Tips

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What a gorgeous fall season we have enjoyed in the Northeast this year! Mild days, plenty of sun and impeccable weather just tailor-made for outdoor activities. We have been so lucky! At Endurance, we have worked with our students inside and out- setting up running programs and weekly Pilates reformer sessions coupled with nutrition coaching and intuitive healing. We plan to help our students continue to participate in all of their chosen outdoor activities all winter long. Yes, even in Boston!

Did you know that spending time in the cold is good for your skin, can help you to burn more calories, lowers inflammation and improves allergies! Just by stepping out for a quick walk or run, you can improve your health far beyond the expected cardiovascular benefits. With a little wardrobe planning, your outdoor workouts can be just as comfortable, or more so, than your indoor sweat sessions!

Here are some of our favorite outdoor exercise tips!

  1. Wear mittens. Use Hot hands. You can get away with gloves for shorter workouts, but be prepared for the wind and cold temps. And, don’t worry about having specific exercise gloves- go for warmth, wool, deerskin- grab your ski gloves!
  2. Wear layers that will be easy to store around your waist unless you plan on dropping pieces off at designated places.
  3. Have tissues for blowing your nose!
  4. Wear a hat
  5. Be sure your shoes and socks are appropriate for the terrain. Yak tracks and other ice soles are great when you are actually on an icy surface, but they are a disaster when you hit pavement or uncovered ground. Be sure to have good tread and a water resistant shoe if you will be out in the snow.

Outdoor exercise is very important for your health no matter what time of year, but winter workouts can become more challenging as we all know! Hopefully our tips will help you out as you plan your fitness regimen through the rest of 2021 and into 2022!