Winter Solstice- December 21, 2022


The winter solstice is a spiritual time of remembrance and renewal. It is a day where the winter season reaches its longest day, with the shortest amount of daylight hours in the year. This winter ritual serves as an important reminder to take time for ourselves, to pause from our daily routines, and to be present in the moment. The winter solstice marks a time of surrender, embracing the darkness while still holding space for light and hope. Despite winter’s chill, this special occasion is a beautiful reminder to find warmth in ourselves and those around us. We can use it as an opportunity to reconnect with our purpose and tap into what we need to bring balance back into our lives. Celebrate winter solstice to honor the winter season and bring in a sense of inner peace. Here’s to embracing this winter ritual with grace, gratitude, and joy!

By focusing on the winter solstice, we can remind ourselves of the ever-changing cycles of life – how winter is a time for rest, reflection, and stillness before the world blooms again in the spring. It’s important to remember that winter is not a time of stagnation; it’s a perfect opportunity for spiritual renewal and transformation. With the winter solstice, we can take this chance to pause and give ourselves permission to be still and appreciate the beauty within us. So, honor winter solstice by staying present, embracing the darkness and the light within, and finding peace in these winter months. May this winter solstice bring you joy and renewal! Wishing you all a blessed winter season!