Our Instructors

Our Instructors

All of our extremely well-trained instructors have trained in Authentic Classical systems through the Romana lineage. Every Endurance
instructor has partaken in an apprenticeship style of learning in order to best understand the true nature of Joesph Pilates’ teachings
through the observation, oral and hands on tradition as Pilates was meant to be shared with fellow educators. We have also studied and
certified with several additional Classical as well as Contemporary methods of Pilates including Stott, Balanced Body, Power Pilates,
Physical Mind and Peak Pilates. We use our knowledge in all of these realms to create the most beneficial workout for your body. Our
instructors complete a very comprehensive program (minimum 1000 hours) including written and practical exams preparing them to
take the Pilates Method Alliance exam. They are continuously updating their knowledge with continuing education. You are in good hands
at Endurance!

Julia Stetson

Master Instructor

Julia Stetson’s life has always revolved around 3 dominating passions; ballet, teaching, and the science of the human body.Julia has been enthusiastic about teaching since the first day she was asked to become a teaching-assistant for Creative Dance and Pre-ballet, as a preadolescent. She attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and later the College Conservatory of Music, in Cincinnati, where she earned her BFA. In her undergrad, she completed all Physical Therapy prerequisites, for later entry into graduate school. Once she retires from performing ballet, Julia intends to pursue a doctorate in Physical Therapy. She believes a background in classical Pilates will be essential to her practice in physical therapy.

Our Team

julie erickson

Julie Erickson

Principal Pilates Instructor, Barre Boston
Certified, Personal Trainer


Noah Herron

Principal Instructor, Classical Authentic Certified by Balance, Professional Dancer

Jasmine Alcantara

Jasmine Alcantara

Principal Instructor, Peak Pilates Certified,
Yoga RYT